British MPs to get special security…away from parliament

Is this a surprise….The British parliament has just brought in another thousand invaders described as children…when many of them are OBVIOUSLY over 20 years of age.All of this AGAINST THE WISHES OF THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE IN BRITAIN!.

It is only going to get worse for the traitors in the British parliament..unless they stop third world immigration…and guess what….they won’t..they are too arrogant…they are even plotting to overthrow the result of the Brexit referendum!’

All MPs who support the invasion of Britain by the third world are going to be fair game in the not too distant future and the police won’t be able to protect all of the traitors all of the time.After all British voters attempted to follow the rules of democracy by setting up legitimate political parties…..only to be targeted by the gangsters at MI5…on behalf of vested interests in government.

Just look at some of the current rabble…like Boris Johnson for example.

The longer things go on,the longer public opinion is ignored on immigration…The WORSE it is going to be when the inevitable “correction” takes place.

Warning:’the people who caused the problem will attempt to lead the opposition …reaction.

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