Representative of the people gets special people carrier

Previous contestants for the honorary role of President of the U.S…..used to show up in those gargantuan limousines reminiscent of the excesses found in despotic regimes of the past.Think of the ancient Egyptians huge royal barges floating up and down the Nile river.

But since Hillary Clinton is a representative of the people she has chosen to use a humble people carrier to get about (armoured).

Well that would be the spin her Jewish advisors (controllers) would put on it.In fact people carriers are used because they allow disabled people to get in and out of the vehicle easily..IF they are able to make it to the vehicle itself without the use of mobility aids…

Of course the deception requires that the media colludes in the worries there…The Jewish controlled media is the propaganda wing of Jewish controlled Washington….just like Pravda in the Jewish controlled USSR.

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