Shia LaBoeooof another Jewish fuckwit from Hollywood.

This greasy little Kike is one of the new breed of up and coming Hollywood kikes the Jews are inflicting on idiot Americans.

It goes without saying that he would not be a Hollywood star IF he was NOT a Jew…since via Jewish racism,non Jews are excluded from Hollywood success.

The art of acting is to make it appear you are not acting….but in the case of this zio-squirt it is all too obvious he employs method acting at every available opportunity…all his mannerisms are like they are drawn directly from a method acting handbook.Not that your average dumbed down American would even notice how contrived it all is.

In his publicity notes it states his mother is Jewish while his father is not.This will be a lie of course…his father will also be a Jew.

La Boof has since taken a leaf from the Dylan (Zimmerman) book of duping the talking about his conversion to Christianity…more nonsense from the greasy twerp…this lie is for the consumption of middle America…for ticket sales of the movies he appears in.

How does this greasiest of greasers explain his recent marriage to the Brazilian jewess Mia Goth….who just happens to be Jewish as well.Goth looks a bit like Kate Moss the English Jewish model…who….needless to say,would not be a “top” model without having the “right” ancestry.

You could hazard a guess that LaBoof has “connections” to Zionist circles,like the debauched Jewish actor Michael Douglas (married to a Welsh Jewess)

So it won’t be long before LaBoof shows up in a holocau$t propaganda movie.

Of course…this Jew has already starred in a porn style film “Nymphomaniac” where it is reported that his sex scenes were real…they might even look like he wasn’t acting…unlike all the rest of his movies.

As Michelle Obama said (“black Jew”…much like Sammy Davis Jr. Or Whoopie Goldberg)…..”Shia LaBoof is a noxious little Jewish twat…but NOTHING a dose of zyklon wouldn’t fix”.

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