The NZ Jewish controlled media continues to debate immigration…

Except there is no debate….it’s BULLSHIT…Jewish BULLSHIT.

On one side you have the politicians…most of the CABINET members,that is,the people who make the decisions….ARE JEWS.On the other side you have the media…almost all of whom are JEWS.Political reporter’s are exclusively Jewish.

Actually it would be more accurate to call these Jews…crypto JEWS…since they keep their ethnicity well hidden.(Jews have a long tradition of hiding their ethnicity…and it confers numerous advantages.One of which is to stop people remarking on a small ethnic minority holding the reins of power..rather like the former South Africa in the apartheid era.)

This time it is a TV programme called NATION which is earnestly discussing immigration…and guess what …..the woman hosting the show is Jewish.

Another Jew (who purports to be Catholic…not an unusual situation..see John Kerry) also fronts up.He is perhaps the most noxious politically correct son of a bitch political journalist in NZ…Quite how he got the job is a mystery.His name is Patrick Gower.He is forever attacking ANYONE who objects to NZ being flooded with third world immigrants…he bandys about accusations of racism…all the fucking time….

Obviously…post revolution you would have Gower getting the Guantanamo Special….on the grounds of having an appearance similar to a CHIPMUNK!.

So this debate stuff is all NONSENSE…total BS.Gower likes to attack the NZ First Party as racist…but this too is more NONSENSE…since the leader of the party,Winstein Peters has achieved precisely nothing as regards to controlling and stopping NZ being flooded with the third world…The Jewish controlled media likes to cast Peters as an ogre ….well he is the most mild mannered ogre you could imagine who cultivates links with wealthy third world immigrants.

All of this stuff is why you lose faith in the political process…after a while you realise it is a rigged game.Political interviews which are not real,political journalists who are nothing like neutral and politicians who don’t represent the electors,the media which covers up popular opinion on third world immigration,politicians who promise to do X Y or Z BEFORE the election,then carry on post election with whatever they were doing BEFORE the election..

AND…in special circumstances…The government targeting people who don’t believe a word of it…sticking the police onto you…and if that’s not good enough contacting other police forces abroad to do the same!!.

Persecution by the state in other words…something that’s not supposed in happen in a democracy…and since NZ is not a democracy anymore…it does happen….Fucking Cunts.

Give it another couple of decades and the Jewish controlled NZ govt will be murdering people…like the British government does…Dr David Kelly got in the way of global objectives and he got murdered for it….let’s not be fucking stupid about that and believe he killed himself.

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