Toby Manhire…another Jewish political reporter in NZ

Manhire is not your common or garden variety Jewish journalist…he may well be a “stringer” for the security apparatus which makes a practice of inserting agents into influential media organisations….

He wrote a book about “the Arab Spring and revolutions…etc”.This fact could also indicate that he has connections to Israel.(has he been in Israel at all??!).

He is said to have worked for the Guardian in London…he now works for The Jewish owned NZ Herald.He has appeared on NZTV as part of these discussion groups which are usually composed entirely of Jews.

Another disturbing fact is his extremely greasy appearance…he could supply a BP station with oil for at least a month.Obviously if you were a responsible Kiwi parent you would instruct the kids not to mention “grease monkey” if you were taking the family saloon in for an oil and grease and Toby happen to show up at the same service station.

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