Paul Henry…an insufferable crowing Jew.

Henry…The crypto Jew…meaning JEWS who conceal the fact they are Jews…likes to boast how rich he is….Jews do this once they have successfully taken over a country….Almost all the super rich people in NZ are Jews.Usually they have obtained their wealth via criminal behaviour…The famous Jewish master criminals Fay and Richwhite are a good case in point.OR…how about NZ’s richest sub-human Graeme Hart who made off with the Government Printing Office…thanks to corrupt Jews in the NZ Government….

There is a Price to pay of course…NZers being paid low wages,mass alien immigration and a big rise in the prison population.( NZ is now following the American model…an ever increasing percentage of the population being incarcerated.America is TOTALLY CONTROLLED BY THE JEWS…a fact which can no longer be disputed..thanks entirely to the internet)

In an ideal world Henry would be on his way to the Palmolive factory…tout suite.

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