Tv channel in NZ runs ancient documentary on Bobby Fischer world chess champion

The documentary followed the oh so predictable pattern where some high profile figure criticises Jews and their power and influence.

A hatchet job on the reputation of the individual.

First you get “introductory criticism” which often includes complementary remarks….this strategy gives the impression to the viewer that the documentary is balanced and fair…but it is not long before the Jews favourite strategy is employed…They begin to suggest that the target is not mentally stable.(when the Jews were running the USSR they put political protesters…not in jail,but mental institutions!)

After playing chess in the former Yugoslavia….The JEWS running Washington were able to target Fischer “legitimately”….for breaking the U.S. Govt embargo on the place (note:On Jewish religious holidays Washington govt offices empty out because the Jews are so numerous in number)

So…The documentary moved on to an aging Fischer hiding out in Iceland…some photos shown suggested he was a loony…no doubt chosen for that reason.At this point you ask “which came first,the chicken or the egg?”.That is was he a loony…or did he exhibit odd behaviour as a result of being persecuted by Global Jewry…The answer to that is obvious

Fischer had been subjected to sustained pressure (not mentioned in the documentary…of course) by the Jewish controlled U.S. Govt…they had stolen all of his assets (actually stolen by Jews) knowing full well he could never return to the US to defend his assets without being arrested by the U.S. Govt….you know,the U.S. Govt which constantly preaches about human rights and freedom of speech..

Strangely a British law abiding historian,Irving,was locked up in an Austrian jail for a year???!.Needless  to say his mental well being has been questioned….

Knowing how these lying fiends go about their dirty methods enables you to predict future events.Take Tyson Fury the British heavyweight boxer…he made some justified criticism of Jews…after that you could confidently predict what awaited the nieve boxer…In short,he quickly becomes embroiled in a whole lot of stuff and loses his title…and out come the Jewish journalists working at the Daily Mail and Guardian with the old favourite…they try to suggest the boxer is mentally unstable….another carefully crafted hatchet job on his reputation.

There is every chance he will be out of boxing for ever….and any money he has already won will now be under close scrutiny…he had better make sure he pays any taxes owing…put it that way.

Jews like to deny any suggestion of them wielding tremendous influence..The only thing that is acceptable is tales of woe and suffering that they have purported to have suffered.One million Iraqis…half of them children,have been killed as a result of the U.S. invasion..illegal as it turns out….THIS is the sort of “suffering” you should be talking about in connection with the Jews…THE JEWS OWN ANERICA 101%….not a conspiracy theory…STONE COLD FACT….The attack on Iraq was entirely orchestrated by Jews…don’t have the slightest doubt about that!.

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