Gary Linekar embroiled in race row

Gary was outraged at the racist treatment of fake refugees in Calais.

Linekar is a retired football player…then he upskilled to BBC sports commentator.

So what is REALLY going on here…none of the comments on the Daily Mail fluff article figured it out…or perhaps the ones that did were censored….

Gary Linekar is a Jew…or more accurately a crypto Jew since his ethnicity is never mentioned…..It is because he IS a Jew that he got the job at the BBC…and is paid preposterous amounts of money for it.His comments on Twitter were probably designed to curry favour with the politically correct Jews who rule the BBC.

The fate of the Top Gear team is what happens to BBC presenters who don’t tow the party line.It cost British taxpayers who fund the BBC millions…that’s MILLIONS of pounds to get rid of these presenters…and lost the BBC millions of pounds in future earnings…..This is what happens when PC ideologues take over…The ideologues in question are ALL JEWS…most of whom are incognito.

NOTE…Most if not all retired sports stars who go on to become tv presenters are JEWS….essentially it is a closed shop…Jews Only.So ironically Linekar who complains about RACISM…actually works in a high paying job…BECAUSE OF THE JEWISH RACISM WITHIN THE MEDIA.The BBC goes out of its way to NOT employ British AngloSaxons.

The Daily Mail trots out another crypto Jew to comment on events like this…a member of the British nationalist party..who appeared at a number of demonstrations with an Israeli flag flying.This sort of thing is a good example of the Jews strategy of acting as their own enemy….or running BOTH sides.That is the media gives attention to a crypto Jew within the ranks of the BNP…thus controlling the outcome.

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