“Grant Wilson reporting from Oregon for the Guardian;

The Guardian article features a lone woman in Oregon battling against American patriots who “feel disenfranchised”.

Well that’s two Jews so far.The Guardian journalist who wrote the article is Jewish and so is the “lone woman”…The lone woman is now protecting herself with another race…surprise,surprise African Americans.

But that’s not the end of it…a “racist militia member” is shown in a photograph…a “P.J.Soper”…who is ALSO a Jew.Until the bozo’s in these militias learn to recognise crypto Jews…especially in obvious cases like Soper….The U.S. ZOG will know their every move.

Unlike Britain which is an Orwellian surveillance state…The USA is too big for complete coverage….but drones,once used to hunt down Islamics in third world countries…could easily be employed to hunt down American militias in backcountry areas of N.W.America…..and you can say with some certainty…WILL BE employed in this manner.

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