“Migrants crowding out young NZers”

This was the headline in the Jewish owned NZ Herald.

The headline is not correct of course….The real headline should be “Migrants displacing young NZers”.

You’ll notice that some NZers do benefit from the mass alien invasion of NZ…by third world immigrants.

Take many NZ farmers….previously they had to hire NZ farm workers…today they are having an absolute profit bonanza by hiring cheap third world employees.This pattern has already been established in the USA…where farmers engage in gross exploitation of farm workers from Mexico and further south.Essentially what you have there is a repeat of the slave trade era…The farm workers are essentially hired slaves because their working conditions are often appalling as are their wages…

Essentially it is all to do with race…a small highly motivated ethnically driven race….THE JEWS are destroying Kiwis future for short term profit….THEIR PROFIT.Jews now control the majority of big businesses…they control the NZ government and they sure as hell control the media.

It has been said before in history…that the Jews “arrival” in a country at first leads an improvement in economic activity…BUT…it does not last…their dishonesty soon ruins the basis of the country…For example Madoff in the U.S. who stole 60 billion dollars or Sir Phillip Green in Britain who destroyed a once viable business…The JEWS begin to suck the wealth out of the country…In the case of the master Jewish criminals Fay Richwhite…that wealth ended up in secret Swiss bank accounts…well away from the prying eyes of the tax authorities

These elite Jews are all at it…take the arrogant Jew Sir Bob Jones…The Jewish property multimillionaire…He was caught bribing financial journalists..shareholders lost large sums of money with shares in his company…as is usual in these circumstances…The Jew who owns the company stays as rich as ever.(see the Jewish financial criminal Eric Watson who used half a million dollars of ripped off shareholders money to celebrate a birthday party with Turkish donmeh)’

Currently the Jewish controlled cabinet is making noises about controlling immigration…DONT BELIEVE A WORD OF IT….they’ll only stop this money making racket when they are FORCED to stop by imminent danger to their well being.Keep in mind….these JEWS have stripped the USA of billions of dollars and diverted it into Israel’s banks…they have also turned U.S. democracy into a fucking circus running BOTH the main political parties,just as they have done to NZ.

NZers should expect more displacement…young NZers should expect their own children’s education to be damaged as thousands of non English speaking children flood the schools.THIS HAS HAPPENED ALREADY IN BRITAIN…

“Young NZers should expect”  that the police will begin to ignore emergency calls because they are overloaded with crime caused by the immigrants brought into the country by the Jewish elite…In London you have immigrant ethnic crime gangs running things like the HEROIN trade…..

AND WHILE ALL OF THIS IS TAKING PLACE YOU HAVE THE JEWISH CONTROLLED MEDIA CONSTANTLY PROMOTING MULTICULTURALISM..and forever harping on about RACISM directed at those people who object to having their country RUINED.


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