Pru Goward…a crypto Jewish MP in the NSW govt.

Goward is good friends with the former PM of Australia HOWARD.

You would never guess it but HOWARD is a Jew….or crypto Jew,since his ethnicity is kept well hidden.

The daughter of Goward was married to James Packet another CRYPTO JEW…but has since divorced this Jewish ape and has reverted to type.She has taken on a “proper” Jewish name.Once the Jews have secured control over a country they begin to come out of the woodwork..The JEWS have systematically reduced the influence of Christianity in Australia but more importantly flooded Australia with hundreds of different ethnicities from around the world…this helps secure their power….because they can pit minority ethnic groups against the European majority…this is what the constant cries of RACISM! Is all about.Usually the accusations come from Jews…BUT most people are unaware they are Jews….one of the advantages of hiding your identity.

You have crypto Jews like “angry Anderson” purporting to be a’s all part of the deception.


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