Theresa May…releases another “cracking down on immigrants speel”

It is really about time British citizens STRONGLY CONSIDERED REVOLUTION..while May and her cronies talk tough on immigration….even Thatcher DECADES AGO was “talking tough on immigration”….

They are lying their fucking heads off….they are deliberately delaying doing something about it….then in the future will present the situation as a fait accompli…

The trouble is voters in Europe have yet to realise the full gravity of the situation…they think the politicians are subverting their countries because the politicians are incompetent and stupid!…on the contrary…IT IS ALL DELIBERATE…The deliberate subversion of Europe’s identity by the Jewish ruling elite.

You have absurd situations like Sarkozy recently making strong statements on immigrants in France….ARE PEOPLE THAT STUPID TO BELIEVE THIS NOXIOUS JEW??!…Only a few years ago he was directly responsible for thousands MORE invaders coming to France!.

While May (who is very likely to be a crypto Jew) was delivering her speech…fake “child migrants” were arriving in Britain…OBVIOUSLY FAKE MIGRANTS.

NOTE:Right now MI5 will be working overtime to suppress British patriots voicing their opinion…in combination with the Jewish owned media.At the head of MI5 is a crypto Jew…no doubt he periodically meets with the editor of the Daily Mail….ALSO A CRYPTO JEW.

Dacre the Jew editor of the Mail has an obsession with Nazis stories…seventy year old Nazis stories….as you may have deduced…there is an ulterior motive for this nonsense….Auschwitz stories get a regular airing…..same story.


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