Were they Catholics or freemasons…

This morning I had the “pedophile crew” show up…they get their kids to hang around….Stupid nonsense..but it does demonstrate the effect of this blog…

I believe this little effort is connected to a blog that appears on You Tube…called la Vagabonde.It features two Australian rich kids sailing around the world on a yacht….

The first inkling I got that the two vagabonds were “connected” was when I went into a catholic/jew bookshop and the bloke in the shop played the distinctive opening bars of the theme music on the You Tube channel (since changed)….over the shop music noise.

This was one of the many mini harassment episodes….

The girl on the La Vagabonde channel is definitely a crypto and her boyfriend possibly (he sports a 1980’s porn star moustache).’….

The dropkick bloke reckons he is going to sail singlehanded to the Bay of Islands from the Cook Islands…So keep an eye open if you live in that area.

Ya see I have had trouble from these pseudo Catholics previously.Via a photo agency in London they sent me on a wild goose Chase to Chile…I’m picking that was via the historian Irving who is a Catholic…AND PROBABLY WORKS FOR MI6….(he also may be a crypto Jew Catholic…like the famous ghoul American John Kerry who was exposed as a MARRANO).

Put it this way…do not allow Catholics in your “group” …because so many high profile Catholics are actually crypto Jews.It is NOT A coincidence that so many top Nazis were “Catholics”‘…….like the grotesque twat Himmler and the club footed Goebbels.

Let’s face it,the Catholic church bears little resemblance to Christianity as envisaged by the founder of the religion.For one thing the Bible specifically prohibits idols…yet you have Catholics routinely showing up at shrines with statues (idols) that often are shedding a few tears….which is obviously preposterous fucking nonsense…but something you might expect from idol worshippers.

The Catholic church is heavily infiltrated by crypto Jews….this is a legacy of history when the Catholic church was the government of many European countries.

Is it any wonder that the reformation happened….no doubt lots of REAL Christians got so pissed off at the rank hypocrisy of the Catholic clergy…especially the paedophile priests…which makes today’s episode all the more hypocritical…with these cretins pedophile skits…Assuming they are Catholics of course,they may be fucking freemasons….who are ALSO found with the Catholic hierarchy!!’

Naturally there will be a police connection….quite a few of the local police are Catholics….

When I assume power…after a coup in NZ….Quite a few Catholics are going for a fucking fry up on November the 5th…on the grounds of astounding hypocrisy….Derek Shaw the assaulting cop will be summarily drowned for the well being of the country…he may very well be a fucking Catholic/freemason…he is certainly a law breaking cunt….who would benefit from a kalashnikov tune up.

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