Daily Mail staff placed on war footing

The maps are coming thick and fast…maps of “Russian movements”…Readers of this despicable rag have already been prepped somewhat by Hitlery Clintstein calling Putin “like Hitler”…Time magazine had a doctored photo of Putin who had morphed into Hitler…..  currently the Jewish editor of the Mail is running maps of Russian warships moving into the Mediterranean….Then there is the detailed “analysis” of Russian aircraft…like helicopters.Mail readers are left in severe trauma wondering if allied armaments are capable of handling the threat.

You know what’s REALLY going on here…The zio-media is conditioning the public for the possibility of war…..while the Daily Mail talks about “protecting British borders and keeping the people of Britain safe”….The “borders” of Britain are being breeched by hundreds of thousands of alien invaders”.

While the VAST MAJORITY of the British public wants the invaders stopped in their tracks…The British government ENCOURAGES them to keep coming…THATS how concerned the British government is about “protecting British borders”‘

All this stuff is REALLY about Israel…as mentioned previously….The recipe for the enlargement of Israel is…Start a massive conflict…while said conflict is raging,invade countries bordering Israel under the fog of war…get major powers fighting each other to the point of exhaustion…then at the end of it all,tell the world that Israel was only protecting itself and for its own safety must remain in countries surrounding Israel…

WW1  .The groundwork for the establishment of Israel is put in place.

WW 2… The terrible conflict ends and shortly thereafter Israel is established.Stalin who is routinely touted as “anti-Semitic” in the Jewish run media….has an odd “epileptic” fit and an 180°about face and the USSR is amongst the FIRST countries to recognise Israel.

Anyone who thinks Putin is the real deal needs to wise up….what we are seeing here is the well used strategy of running both sides….this fact should become more apparent as time moves on…trouble is,by that time,there is going to be an awful lot of people killed

Believe it or not during the last WW..there were quite a few NZers who said the country should be neutral..ditto Australia….If the long planned WW3 gets up and running…it looks like we’ll get dragged into it again by the possibility of invasion by China rather than Japan….

All off this stuff could have been avoided of course…by not participating in Israel’s wars in the Middle East.Keep in mind…The deliberate flooding of Western countries with Muslim immigrants…is yet ANOTHER strategy to secure the interests of Israel…Imagine if there were NO Muslim immigrants in Western countries…..thinkaboutit…a war for Israel would be very difficult to get started….Also keep in mind that it is well established now that domestic intelligence agencies “facilitate” Muslim terror attacks in the West….

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