Kimmel,Noah and Colbert..American TV late night hosts

..what American TV watchers won’t realise is that they are ALL JEWS…The job lot of them (Colbert is a”black Jew” Sammy Davis Jr)

They are all greasy idiots with Kimmel having the highest grease rating according to the internationally recognised Shell Lubricant Scale.

Americans seem to find them amusing…but people from civilised countries generally think they are particularly unfunny jerks….who should be heading to the Palmolive factory like greased lightning…fast.

Hi-Grease Kimmel showed up post debate with three kids to see what THEY thought about the contestants.Of course no Americans would be aware that the kids are of the same ancestry as Kimmel.So you have the whole sideshow,that is,the American presidential election a completely Jewish affair…it COULD have taken place in Israel!.

Actually you never ceased to be amazed at the stupidity of American TV audiences….laughing and clapping at the antics of the Jewish hosts…when the hosts are COMPLETE FUCKING IDIOTS.

To say Ellen Degenerate is EXTREMELY ODD AND WEIRD is a vast understatement…can’t Americans recognised even this obvious fact??’Some scientists  at Oxford University studying the lateral movement of crabs as they scuttle across rocky foreshores…now name this form of locomotion as the “Ellen-tonian” movement….borrowed directly from this Jewish hosts entrance to the show…sideways.

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