Post debate Roundup©

It could have been a scene from the forum in Ancient Rome…two hideously corrupt senators debating the next war.

Both preserved by the miracles of modern medicine…well past their sell by date….Someone should tell Clintstein that the debating arena has carpeted flooring…rather than sheet ice…that’s what it looked like when Clinton tippytoed off the podium…each step taken with extreme care…at any moment you expected the Jewess to go for a skate.She made it to her assembled admirers…eventually.. like a person lost in a desert who finally makes it to an oasis.Her daughter Chelsea was there…looking remarkably like Miss Piggy of the Muppets…more than that…looking like a yenta you might see at the Vailing Vall….in Jewrusalem.

Then there was the Jew Trump…there is no doubt he is a Jew….his daughters were there with there Jewish husbands.What a corrupt TOSSER Trump is….but no better or worse than Clinton.

Remember they ARE BOTH JEWS…not only that but the individual conducting the whole sideshow IS ALSO A JEW!.The post debate analysis threw away all pretence of impartiality and proceeded to focus on Trump…thereby supporting the speculation that the media is NOT impartial.The post debate commentators focussed on Trump saying he would reserve comment on the election bullshit until later….quoting previous occasions of post election comradeship between candidates….they suggested Trumps reluctance was very “serious””.these words for hire presstitutes refuse to acknowledge that what has happened to the U.S. in recent decades changes things entirely Just because in previous decades candidates were buddies post election does not mean things should stay the same.The level of corruption in Washington and New York is unprecedented in the history of the country….

But rest assured Trump will disappoint his supporters….

No mention of Israel by either candidate you’ll notice…thanks entirely to the internet many people are aware that the Jews in Israel are the REAL rulers of the USA…While so many Americans are living in what could only be described as poverty…The Jew controlled U.S. government forks out BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars to a country with one of the highest standards of living in the world!….you would think political advantage could be taken by mentioning Israel ripping off Americans…NOT A WORD…but the Jew Trump DID mention Japan and Germany as countries that “don’t pay their way”.

So the whole thing was orchestrated Jewish bullshit…something you would watch for entertainment reasons….Clinton’s walking on Ice performance or Trumps preposterous hair arrangement….a total farce by a couple of aging Jewish pensioners…something that wouldn’t have looked out of place in Ancient Rome….when is the horse going to show up at the Senate.

America is now too corrupt to be ever able to elect a forty year old non Jew with energy and vision….unlike John Kennedy he would be assassinated BEFORE he made it to the oval office.

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