New Archeological Breakthrough….. Ancient Rome

Details of the day to day existence of Ancient Rome’s ruling class have always been a little sketchy…particularly when the collapse of Rome was on the horizon..but thanks to scientific advances a better picture can now be formed.This was the period when the old ways of the Roman elite had broken down completely.No more self sacrifice in the interests of Rome…but wild orgies,profligate spending on public buildings,men dressing as women and women behaving like whores..all the usual stuff..incest at the top..just like the Ancient Egyptians centuries before the Romans even existed.Mass invasion of Rome itself by hordes of foreign invaders…

The BBC has now brought Ancient Rome’s ruling class to life updated for the 21st century…in living colour.

You can tune into Vanderpump rules or the Kardashians for a glimpse into the past.Here you will find a former gladiator of the Olympics now wearing a dress and speaking in an effeminate way….on Vanderpump rules you’ll find a young Nero parading  around in a hooded garment and you know he’ll be committing incest in a couple of years.(both abovementioned characters are Jews,which should come as no surprise)

You’ll have to change channels to view the hordes of barbarians at the gates of Rome…This BBC production was shot in Calais France.The series will wrap up in Hollywood as Ancient Rome is over run and the houses of the debauched ruling class are invaded….with the Kardashians frantically dialling 911 on their bejewelled cell phones with no answer forthcoming…

Thomas Jefferson foresaw all of this stuff years back…that is,when the constitution was no longer working and the people had no alternative but to rise up and overthrow the corrupted  elite…this is where the private ownership of guns comes into play.

You may have noted Clinton’s comments about the smooth transition of power at election time and the acceptance of it by the defeated party.This is of course totally absurd because both parties are run by the same people.When the public voted for “change” when the idiot Obama took office and got eight more years of the same stuff…Americans cannot expect “change”  if they vote for Clinton who actually verges on being mad.It is just possible change might occur with Trump,but considering he is a Jew like Clinton,it might very well be a change for the worse.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result…when that realisation dawns on Americans…Jefferson’s words may become reality.


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