Top NZ Squash Player threatens NZers.

The former bankruptee and squash champion,the Jewess Susan Devoy- has made some preliminary threats against NZers who object to the Jewish oligarchs flooding NZ with third world immigrants….Going on events in other Western countries…this is the introduction to ever more threatening behaviour from the Jewish overlords…that is…do not object to having your country invaded OR ELSE.

Remember an important fact…NZers have NEVER been consulted on the subject AND THAT IS NOT HOW DEMOCRACIES ARE SUPPOSED TO WORK.

NZers are being dictated to by an internationalist cabal…who are FORCING IMMIGRATION OF THE THIRD WORLD ON NZers WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT.

The media which is run by the same ethnic group conspires with the ZOG by portraying people who object…as racists amongst other things.Journalists or presstitutes are all politically correct…it’s a precondition to working in the media.Absurd idiots like Patrick Gower…a zio-Catholic populate the whole media.

Penalties against objectors will rise in severity with an increasingly active secret police…referred to as intelligence service in order to make it sound more palatable.

Although the media will constantly give the impression the invasion will stop…IT WON’T…THAT IS THE PATTERN SET OVERSEAS……The Jewish oligarchy that now controls NZ has every intention of bringing in up to TWO MILLION MORE IMMIGRANTS…

If you want to do something about it…TAKE YOUR COMPLAINTS DIRECTLY TO THE MINISTER OF IMMIGRATION..and no prizes for guessing what ethnicity he is.HE WILL BE A FREEMASON.

Virtually NOTHING the media says on immigration…can be believed.If they are running an item on immigration…they will use an immigrant from Europe..NOT from Asia or anywhere else in the world…a deliberate misleading of the NZ public….and don’t ever be stupid enough to believe that it happens by chance.

It will take a police state to force NZers to accept their country being invaded by alien people’s from alien cultures…NZers should definitely expect their long established freedoms to be gradually curtailed….Just for example…The NZ police will target you and the NZ SIS…As mentioned..I was assaulted by a violent oaf Derek Shaw…keep in mind your supposed human rights are basically a mirage…some of these organisations  like the Police Complaints Authority are a laughable farce that only a fool would pay any attention to…no sensible law abiding NZer should ever bother with the idiots in this Orwellian outfit…unless they have at least a million dollars in order to pay the vultures in the legal profession…(note…you had better make absolutely certain that the lawyers are not freemasons….or the judge for that matter).

All of this stuff will be accompanied by more and MORE idiotic television programmes…designed to anesthetized any spare brain cells you might possess.

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