Contact the Jewish Shyster Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn is a crypto Jew masquerading as a Christian and it’s all to do with Israel and getting dumbed down American Christians to support the pariah state.

Helpfully Hinns background is easily connected to Israel itself….he is from the fucking Hellhole!!.He even speaks with an. Accent….

Hinn preys (prays+praise) Apon gullible dumbed down Americans…The very people who can least afford to donate money…and he has made a veritable fortune from his confidence trick…Nobody ever went broke underestimating American stupidity.

Americans should contact this duplicitous little conman and let him know he has been rumbled.They could offer to donate money so he can get a proper haircut….but they would be better off offering…not money…but a drone strike on his palatial headquarters…built on theft and deception….

The above is the Israeli propagandists email address.

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