Piers Morgan…a greasy Daily Mail noxious little sycophantic crypto Jew.

Most of the Daily Mail staff are Jews…their chief job is to keep churning out Elders of Zyklon propaganda.

One of the worst is Piers Morgan…you’ll find no reference to his REAL ethnicity anywhere…but make no mistake,the greasy little cunt is most definitely a Jew.

Imagine if people in Britain actually knew that ALL of their media was run by an alien ethnic group…and that this group ALWAYS acts in the best interests of Israel….but at first it may not seem like it…after all the media does mention massacres carried out by Jews against minorities in Israel.

The Jews even run opposition groups opposed to Israel…that way they control what is said.

The constant Nazis stories in the Mail have a purpose…which is to smear people opposed to Jewish racism…

Although the Jew run Mail purports to be opposed to immigration into Britain…this opposition is just a strategy.The SCUM at the Daily Mail likes to appeal to people’s better instincts…but it is only a cynical strategy…The Mail will report on fake refugees crossing the Mediterranean..but it is usually careful to mention children involved….

Of course Morgan is a complete and utter fake working for the interests of international Jewry.Just like all the other Jews in the media…including unlikely journalists like John Pilger and Robert Fisk….THEY ARE BOTH JEWS…and neither of them EVER suggests the 9/11 was a set up….WHEN IT SO OBVIOUSLY WAS… even an editor of a high school newspaper could quickly find the lies masking the real story….

So what you have in Britain today is a small racial minority controlling all the media….this is why the Jews hide their true identity….If Britain knew that they are being fed bullshit in the interests of that minority and not for the better interests of the country…you’d have a pogrom in the offing…especially once it was learned that it is the Jews who are flooding Britain with invaders.

By the time Jews like Piers Morgan are told to take the high road…Britain will BE TOTALLY WRECKED…virtually a smouldering ruin…The Rothschilds having bled Britain dry will most likely decamp to Israel…or go to live in the USA in heavily fortified mansions.

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