The tattooing plague sweeping the West.

They’re all at it…The pop stars and media stars ushered in the new fashion..loads of often bizarre tattoos.

It is a good demonstration of the power of the media…to influence.

No doubt the mad Jewess Angelina Joly bears responsibility for some IDIOTS copying her …just as it is hoped IDIOTS will copy her example of adopting children from all over the world (It is NOT A coincidence that another crypto Jew,the Marranno Madonna has done the same…The whole point of the exercise is to influence people in Western countries to do the same).

The media does not mention it but Joly used to harm herself with cuts using a razorblade…Joly is precisely the wrong person to have working for the U.N.!

Right…idiotic tattooing has become the cool thing to do….promoted by the Jewish media….Currently most every genre on TV promotes fudgepackery as a cool lifestyle….so morons are going to be copying this as well…expect an explosion of fudgepackers with wrecked butts showing up at the outpatients at your local hospital.The Jewish media also promotes lesbianism by having high profile female pop stars in passionate embrace….expect a consequent rise in double-banger strap ons imported from China increasing the trade deficit…

The media does influence people…often in a negative way…

Sorry…but a huge rise in fudgepackery and other bizarre behaviour is one of the characteristics of a nation/civilisation in decline….It seems that the “decline” might be accelerated by the social media…


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