Police state Britain…in action

The Daily Mail was onto it immediately…”Baby faced mothers boy terrorist arrested in Devon”…screemed the Jewish owned and operated Daily Mail…”white” said the Daily Mail Just in case it’s readers hadn’t worked that one out….If the terrorist had been a Jew like the Mails staff would the Daily Mail had said anything?…..Of course not…The Jews at the Mail are even reluctant to identify Israelis as Jews!.

So HOW did the police identify the “terrorist” so quickly….?!.  After all Britain is an overcrowded hellhole teeming with millions of people….Easy…this “terrorist” will have accessed websites objecting to Britain being destroyed by immigrants…and expressed opposition to it.The Jewish owned and operated Daily Mail will have provided data information to the Jewish run MI5…He may have “ticked” comments on articles supporting immigrants being deported…OR accessed dozens of Mail articles about Nazis…all the usual stuff.He will have been caught using facial recognition software on one of the THOUSANDS of CCTV cameras all over Britain…although it is not legal…The authorities Will have stored images of him as a possible future problem.They could already have his DNA on record…make that “they have his DNA on file”.

I have already encountered this stuff in NZ!…..that is the police illegally holding images/fingerprints/DNA…one police member kindly offering me a glass of water in order to get a set of prints.

The Mail used stuff off the social media to write their stuff about him…which shows all the perils of being on,just for example,Facebook (owned by Jews).

Some readers may have noticed the Jews at the Mail were very quick to point out this naive idiots ethnicity….”white” trumpeted the Jews at the Mail.This very example actually tells informed readers what is actually going on here…it’s all about resistance to Britain being used as a dumping ground for the third world…NOTE:The British,Jewish controlled secret police (a replay of the Jewish controlled CHEKA in the USSR) are going to become increasingly active persecuting Britons who object to the Jew Tony Blair’s hidden agenda to change the face of Britain…INFACT …it is very likely the native people of Britain will become the main target of the Jews in the secret police…AKA MI5.

So this naive fool may have been encouraged by others to place fake bombs….Surprisingly the ruling elite absolutely love idiots like this…as does the Jewish editor of the Daily Mail…they can screw huge mileage of BS out of it…knowing full well that the “terrorist” is nothing of the sort.Judging from this example…it seems there may be opposition groups springing up in rural areas of Britain…which will be a top priority for the Jew Parker who heads up MI5….but “foreigners” showing up in villages would attract attention.

You can see how immigration into Britain brought about by the crypto Jewish elite is destroying the country.Incidently…IT IS NOT a coincidence that Thatchers electorate was full of Jews…she was one of them.While telling the British public she was going to “crack down on immigration”  it actually INCREASED…this happens in all western countries these days…The politicians lie and the immigration of the third world “booms”….it is a strategy to implement the wholesale destruction of European identity…before a massive backlash occurs.

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