The puff pieces written by the scumbags at the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail specialises in this shit….one of the presstitutes at the Mail has just written an article praising Theresa May to the skies.Never mind she ain’t dun nuffink substantial yet…not that she is ever likely to do so.While sounding off on “controlling immigration”‘..right at the very moment she was spouting this bullshit..The Jewish controlled government was bringing in more invaders…who were supposed to be children…but it turned out most of them were adults….As if May did not know this!!’…

But people would be far better advised to read Private Eyes run down on Mays “financial advisor” husband who is most likely a crypto Jew.

While May lectures big companies about tax…The Conservative Party receives “donations” (make that bribes) from the very same big companies.Including a South African multimillionaire by the name of Lewis who is a Jew…what a bloody surprise that is.In fact 90% of the big donations come from Jews…a replica of the situation  found in the U.S…..May will finish her term as PM with any reputation she may have…in tatters….watch and learn.

As mentioned…Private Eye magazine is the ONLY genuine investigative publication in Britain…and there is a reason for that…The Jews don’t own it…yet.

Obviously once the revolution kicks off…lampshade and soap factories will have a surfeit of raw material for manufacturing.

The “Phillip Green art deco range of lampshades” has got a nice ring to it..or how about “KateMoss® Boutiques” soap range.

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