Breaking up Britain’s ethnic identity.

The Jewish owned and staffed Daily Mail is carrying an article about a picturesque town in Devon which the Jewish elite is now flooding with people from the Middle East…this follows the pattern set in Sweden,just for example.

The Jews who control the British government (most of them conceal the fact they are Jews…which is precisely what the Jews did in 15th Century Spain)…are now deliberately targeting country areas which are predominantly still ethnically European in makeup.London and other urban areas have now been successfully destroyed as British cities…now it is the rural areas of Britain who are going to face the same fate.

The people who live in these smaller towns are absolutely irate about it…but the ZOG of Britain appears to be confident there will be no reaction…Naturally because of brainwashing by the Jewish media…The people will be reluctant to defend their identity by repelling the invaders.

Some may notice that while the Jewish edited Daily Mail gives Theresa May glowing reports she has taken NO steps to halt the invasion of Britain…on the contrary…The invasion continues unabated….Most likely you will see sporadic attacks on more MPs in Britain,some of whom will die….since Britain is obviously no longer a functioning democracy

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