British couple destroyed by police state Britain

They are a Christian couple who own a bakery…they refused to put pro gay decorations on a cake.Daniel McArthur and his wife now face a MONSTROUS bill of 90,000 pounds after their court appeal failed.

BUT…there is very likely to be more to this than meets the eye.

The bakery shop in question is part of a chain of bakery shops known as ASHERS.

Asher is a crypto Jewish surname…therefore it is extremely likely that Ashers is Jewish owned.Jane Asher the actress is a Jew,just for example.

So it is very likely this Christian couple has been targeted by the Jews….make that 100% likely.One of the homosexuals who brought the case against the couple looks like he is a Jew.

Real Christians are hated by the Jews…because they have principles which cannot be compromised…The hatred is well disguised…There is no need to hide the deep seated hatred of Christians in the Jews HQ…Israel.Here you have Jews routinely spitting on Christians…and churches regularly desecrated.Jews have entered churches and gone to the toilet inside them.Don’t expect the media to report this…The media is OWNED BY THE JEWS.

This example in police state Britain is a diluted version of what happened to Christians when the Jews took over Russia in 1917.Thousands of priests were killed and hundreds of churches destroyed…don’t expect the media to report this…The media is OWNED BY THE JEWS.

It is possible this couple who have been persecuted by the British state..have made criticism of Jews…and this has got back to the Jewish fiends…who have their spies everywhere…

Despite obvious examples like this..The Royal family who purport to be Christian..will not lift a finger to help this couple…nor will the British PM do a damn thing (like the Windsors she is most likely to be a crypto Jew).What about the Archbishop of Canterbury…The useless politically correct shit…now he is an easily identifiable crypto Jew or Nuevo Christian…so the cunt won’t do a fucking thing.However he WILL make public comment on suffering third world immigrants who are not even Christian!!..’

Perhaps an example of a crypto Jew in parliament is in order.You could hardly get a better example than Michael Gove…He is a Jew..and surprise surprise supports Israel 101%….The scum at the Daily Mail won’t be commenting on Goves REAL ethnicity.The Daily Mails editor is a Jew.

Contacting Ashers management could prove beneficial….this Christian couple need to be supported without them knowing anything about it.




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