Lowell Goddard..NZ Judge…victim of rampant corruption of the cesspit known as British politics.

Let’s get real on this case…accusing Goddard of racism was a totally concocted smear by the corrupt filth inhabiting top end,pedophile ridden British politics.

It’s THAT obvious….The most degenerate individual,the crypto Jew Saville associating with the Windsors tells you all you need to know.EVERYONE who counted knew about Saville…but did NOTHING…

This is why Goddard put on her resignation….The corruption is so widespread that she probably decided her task was absolutely impossible.To cover up her departure they cooked up the racism FUCKING LIE…

They’ll keep appointing people to the top job until they find one who is prepared to do as they wish…Note..they have already produced some propaganda featuring a fat Scottish actor…The objective….to change British opinion on targeting pedophiles.Cliff Richard is now confident about taking libel action…BUT RICHARDS WAS NAMED YEARS AGO AS A PARTICIPANT IN THE CORRUPTION!.

Meantime the invasion of Britain continues apace….while May and her cohorts collude in that INVASION.


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