Moroccan King donates 12 million dollars to Clinton (crypto Jew)

This is an odd one.Morocco a poor nation could have built quite a few houses for poor people in Morocco…or built a hospital….etc.

Instead the Moroccan King donates money to the corrupt Hillary Clinton??’

You’ll notice that Morocco avoided destroying the country via “spring” revolutions…like for example their neighbour’s Tunisia and Libya.

It is VERY LIKELY that the King of Morocco…like his counterparts in Britain is actually a crypto Jew…and that crypto Jews are calling the shots in that country.Note…Morocco is often frequented by extremely wealthy western tourists…most of whom are Jews.Morocco was used as a meeting place for top allied leaders during WW2.

So in these circumstances…The obscene donation of money to the Jewess Hillary Clinton would make sense.If Americans vote for this harridan…they are fucking dumber than you would think…at least Trump will have four years to prove he is another corrupt cunt…keep in mind…he too is a Jew.

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