ZOG of Britain swamps the country with 300,000 East European gypsies

This is a case of ideology trumping commonsense and ultimately it is examples like this that will accelerate the decline of Britain and lead to civil war as Britons attempt to take back their country…all it needs is some incident to set things off…This time it won’t be the rentamob leftists on the streets it will be ordinary people.

Question…why is it that the average person in Britain cannot see where all this immigration is going to lead…?.

Britain is now ruled over by a treacherous gilded elite fixated on a globalist ideology…no matter what the consequences….THE ELITE COMPLETELY IGNORE THE VOTERS…Britain is no longer a democracy but an oligarchy….all these ingredients suggest that a civil war is on the horizon for the country…and patriots had better make damn sure they start with the secret police HQ in London…because,make no mistake,they are targeting patriots right at this minute….illegally.

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