Dr Stephen Frost is having “problems”

Doc Frost believes Dr David Kelly was murdered…..that’s a few years back now…strange as it may seem Doc Frost is having a few “problems”‘…he has been sacked from his Ministry of Defence job…just for example.

Put it this way…he better watch his back…Britain is very corrupt and if you get in the way…you end up dead.Probably the only thing in Frosts favour is the oligarchy which runs Britain…. have already murdered Kelly and Frost getting the same would be just too suspicious.

Meantime “Britain’s free press”…which is not free is now attempting to brainwash Britons with Russian/Putin scare stories…They are preparing the citizens for war…down the track a bit…trouble is the internet is blowing their cover…only a minority of people believe this Putin crap…The pathetic Daily Mail is now running an article about a new Russian missile “which could destroy the whole of France”.

Obviously a missile which could destroy the whole of the Daily Mails office building along with their mates in the MI5 building…would be jolly useful…MI5 gangsters jumping off the top of the HQ would not be a distressing sight,unlike 9/11….

Put it this way…any government agency prepared to destroy children’s lives in order to accomplish an objective (as MI5 did in Northern Ireland,just for example)… is TOTALLY CORRUPT…any government minister who is prepared to cover it up…is CORRUPT TO THE CORE.

Doc Frost needs to be very careful.

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