Australian zio-monster throws in the towel

James Packer has called it off with Mariah Carey the octoroon warbler from the USA.

Keep in mind that the whole thing was pre-arranged as a means of linking Australia with the USA…..thus we have other Australians achieving a high profile in the U.S….like Nicole Kidman and Mel Gibstein*…both of whom are crypto Jews…

Would they do this sort of thing?…yes of course they would.

Packer is part of the crypto Jewish elite which rules Australia…most of the billionaires in Australia are Jews…some are obvious like Frank Lowy.

Australians have paid a high price for this stuff…Australians were used to oust Turkey from Palestine…under the leadership of a Jewish General (ww1).

The relationship between Packer and Carey is unlikely…especially since Packer looks like something out of a horror movie…

The Australian Jewish controlled media is all over this story…but the actual public interest in this shit would be rock bottom minimal.(Rupert Murdoch…is also a Jew…but he tries to keep this fact under wraps…so the term crypto Jew is more appropriate).

Mel Gibson is supposed to be some sort of Catholic…so that makes him a Marrano.His sudden attack of anti-Semitism a while back was probably a deliberate diversion from another bout of massacres of Palestinians by Jews in Israel…

Always keep in mind that the Wests media is totally 101% controlled by Jews which means LYING is S.O.P.

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