He ain’t nuffink like a real MI6 officer

That’s what the head of MI6 told a journalist about James Bond…

“The real MI6 agent has high moral standards…etc”

It’s all ridiculous nonsense of course…a cross dressing homosexual MI6 agent was recently found locked inside a sports bag!!.

MI5 is far more corrupt than mi6 however…MI5 is full of gangsters who do the bidding of the elite…within Britain itself.They infiltrate legitimate political parties and disrupt them…so they never get a chance to widen their appeal…which would impact on the two main political parties…upset vested interests etc.Their activities are particularly focussed on nationalist oriented parties since they challenge the elites ultimate objective…globalism.

Note…Major drug dealers could be “quietly” got rid of…no worries.But they are left untouched…however MI5 WILL “quietly” get rid of the Dr David Kelly’s of this world!.In reality MI5 should be called the political police …

It’s a RIGGED SYSTEM…this fact is amply demonstrated by mass alien immigration into Britain.While the vast majority of people in Britain want the scam brought to a complete halt..The elite have other plans!….and the mofo’s have back up to enforce their dictatorial,non democratic actions.On the “frontline”…is the media…here citizens are targeted with PC propaganda…..if this is not effective the political police move in to destroy legitimate protest……It is NOT a coincidence that crypto Jews are in positions of influence in both organisations.

Imagine James Bond dressed in a frock and locked in a suitcase….this sort of thing would have more in common with the last days of the Roman Empire while Rome is being over run with barbarians……hold on a minute…that is precisely what is happening in Europe today….AND THE FUCKING CUNTS AT THE TOP ARE INVITING THEM IN!.

Note:Many comments have been made over the years that the Daily Mail has numbers of MI5 gangsters on its staff.

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