NZ TV…”The desert approach”

You could compare NZ television to a desert…with an oasis here and there.

NZ has adopted the American television model…

There are about 10 or so free to air TV channels…so you could expect there would be something worthwhile to watch on at least one channel..WRONG..On Wednesday for example there was ONE …JUST ONE high quality programme for viewers.A BBC production “The Durrels”….centred around a now famous writer and his brother Gerald Durrel who wrote a hugely popular series of books about animals (for example the Barfut Beagles..set in Cameroon from memory).

Keep in mind that even programmes like this ARE CONSTANTLY INTERRUPTED BY BLANKET ADVERTISING..just as happens in the USA.

The rest of the time…NZers get hours and hours of FUCKING AMERICAN TRASH TELEVISION…and hours and hours of brain cell destroying advertisements.

Obviously this situation needs to be brought under control….but it sure as hell won’t be because public opinion is COMPLETELY IGNORED by the supposed elected representatives who don’t represent.Keep in mind that the wealthy elite rarely watch television…dumbed down tv is for people who cannot afford alternatives…to entertain themselves.

In countries where the elite still have a conscience AND a sense of responsibility to the public…you’ll find efforts are made to control trash television…ad free channels for example.NOT WITH THE AMERICAN MODEL…here it is a free for all…lowest common denominator garbage…like Housewives of planet X.

THE ZIO-CUNTS® running NZ TV are even broadcasting American Football which is the American version of gladiatorial combat in the Colosseum in Ancient Rome…it is probably the only sport in the world where referees have beer guts.This “sport” is all spectacle and no substance…American football has no relevance to any other is NOT even a sport…it features everything that is wrong with American society.Obviously the American jewish controlled government would like to broaden the appeal of this idiotic game..because sport is a good way to spread political influence…like music.

Obviously a Kalashnikov pointed in the General direction of the Minister of Broadcasting would do the trick…but in a democracy you are supposed to influence governments via discussion,debate and submissions…sorry these methods fail when corporations dictate things…after all,their constant bombardment of NZers with advertising would be restricted.Maybe a better bet would be to give the Minister in question..a democracy work over….in some back street…The ones you see on the constant police shows.

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