Daily Mail runs ANOTHER Windsor family promo.

Let’s face it…The Daily Mail is a propaganda organ for the Windsor rabble.They run a Windsor promotion at least a couple of times a week…..

This week they are doing a PR effort for Prince Harry….The Mail has photos of the Pwince in Kenya doing sterling work saving elephants who are being targeted by poachers….never mind the fact,that in the past he has shot African buffalos.

Not mentioned is the fact that due to his privileged life he has had previous experience herding elephants when playing with his cousins Beatrice and Eugenie.

Britain is the fakest of fake democracies…just in case Britons don’t fall for this Mail propaganda…The Windsors have backup…..an all seeing secret police which targets anyone who makes an effort to bring Britain into the 21st century by suggesting The Windsors should take a fucking hike.

Any monarchy which actively supports invasion of the realm by hordes of alien people’s should be got rid of…they’re not doing their “job”.

The British monarchy is still around because they know just how far they can push people before they are overthrown.Whereas the former French monarchy completely ignored them and spent vast amounts of money on luxury and excess….PLUS…The French secret police were amateurs compared to the British version…which has been subverting democracy since the time of Shakespeare….Keep in mind that the Windsors are crypto Jews…The job lot of them.Prince Harry will get married to a Jewess like his brother….watch and learn.

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