Adopting American “culture”.

The current adoption is HALLOWEEN..this stuff is COMPLETELY alien to NZ but it is being pushed by the JEWISH DOMINATED television.At first glance this bullshit may seem harmless enough….but behind it all is SATANISM…

Satanism is growing in influence in direct proportion to the decline of the West….it is totally negative in its effect.There are loads of Satanists in influential positions…Mick Jagger for example…one look at this fiend tells you the cunt is just plain evil…like his fellow Jew sidekick Keith Richards.

Satanists sacrifice,that is murder children….if they can get away with it.

Now the media will tell the public this is conspiracy theory stuff without telling the public about the history of Satanism.

Other Americanisms being adopted by NZers are American Graffiti a visual pollutant of all western countries…and drugs like cannabis,heroin and the plague of crystal meth…destroying lives and criminalizing society…..

There is now a corrupt Jewish oligarchy ruling NZ and Australia and things are going to go from bad to worse.

Expect the statistics for the incidence of missing children to climb in the coming years…

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