Destroying the beauty of France..bit by bit

France has or had the highest number of tourists of any country in the world…but the Jews are rapidly destroying it by swamping the country with alien immigrants.

It is a disaster for the country….

Currently the Jewish controlled British media is deliberately misleading the public AND so too is the French media misleading the French public.IT IS NOT A COINCIDENCE THAT THE MEDIA IN BOTH COUNTRIES IS TOTALLY IN THE HANDS OF THE JEWS….NEITHER COUNTRY HAS YET LEARNED ABOUT JEWS DISGUISING THEIR IDENTITY…The above facts would become a whole lot more obvious if they did.

Let’s face it…there is no chance the invasion of France and Britain can be stopped by voting…The people who voted for brexit did so to STOP the flood of invaders…and what happens as a result of that??…The new prime minister circumvents the public’s wishes by IMPORTING MORE INVADERS…most of whom are not children…AND THERESA MAY KNOWS IT….to take the deception further the government DELIBERATELY HIDES THE IDENTITY OF THE NEW ARRIVALS…..WHY??.Because they know MOST of them are not children…that’s why.

At the forefront of all the organisations promoting third world immigration…are JEWS…like the pop star Lily Allen…or the loathsome creep Cumberpatch…BOTH OF WHOM ARE JEWISH MULTIMILIONAIRES.

The media conspires in all this…some have a false front like the Jewish edited Daily Mail (Dacre)…but rest assured they are all marching to the beat of the same drum….

One prominent immigrant promoter has the name Moseley…she is Jewish…as was the more famous Mosley of WW2 Britain…The fascist leader whose nickname was “the sheik” because of his appearance.As Lenin said…”The best way to control your opposition is to run it”.

So voting is going to be a waste of time…far better to focus attention on each and everyone…who stands up in public and says “bring more in”…In an ideal world the British parliament would be invaded by the public…and told,stop the invasion or face the consequences.Keep in mind MI5 would and probably ARE focussing their attention on British born Anglo Saxons rather than the invaders.At the head of MI5 is the Jew PARKER…note…The previous head of MI5 was a Jew…and surprise surprise…The one before that.


If you want to see the disastrous consequences of the Jewish elites immigration…just travel to London’s poorer parts.THERE ARE NO NATIVE BRITONS IN SIGHT…NOT A ONE.The streets are filled with poor people dressed in poor clothing…it is exactly like scenes you see in Africa…except in winter it is biting cold.On second thought…don’t travel to these can be dangerous to do so.The Notting Hill crowd never do…the Jew Cumberpatch lives in resplendent luxury in London with the central heating on in the dead of winter as he flits between different countries..often in first class…WHILE THE FUCKING CUNT LECTURES Anglo Saxons about immigration and racism…..The cheek of the bastard is extraordinary.




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