Talk of civil war in the USA…

If Americans want to get a successful civil war underway…rather than the first civil war where the elite who organised it watched from the sidelines while Americans tore each other to pieces…they had better concentrate on the Jewish elite which runs wall street and the Federal Reserve…FIRST.Otherwise the elite will flee the country while Americans attack each other…then return to resume their control….once the nation has been decimated.Obviously the Clintons and Bush family would be swinging from the nearest tree…they are crypto Jews…like many but not all state Governors.

If Americans think Trump will stop the ruination of America…they are mistaken.He too is a Jew as can be seen from his children’s marriages…to JEWS.

Americans should vote for him to ascertain whether or not a revolution is justifiable….one thing is for sure…Trump will continue pumping billions of dollars into the Israeli economy…money stolen from American taxpayers WHO HAVE A LOWER STANDARD OF LIVING THAN THE JEWS IN ISRAEL.

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