Your classic Marrano’s,crypto Jews….

Five hundred years back in Spain…The Spanish people had sussed out the Jews behaviour of hiding or disguising their identity.It probably took a hundred years or more before they twigged to what was going on.

The Spanish even coined names for these chameleon like Jews.From Marrano to Nueva Christians to crypto Jews….The Turkish even had a name for them,only on this occasion Jews were pretending to be Muslims…Donmeh.

So “crypto Jews” are not some figment of imagination of a conspiracy theorist..

And the Jews are STILL behaving in this manner.There was the recent marriage IN A CHURCH of two atheist crypto Jews…None other than Rupert Murdoch And the American model Jerry Hall….

Today the Daily Mail (the editor Dacre is a crypto Jew…have no doubt about that) is reporting on two more members of the crypto Jewish elite that rules Britain.Yup they’re getting married in a church…but of course neither of them are real Christians…they are what the Spanish used to call “Nueva Christians”..which of course means “new Christians”….that is,Jews who outwardly professed Christianity,while secretly practising Judaism.(It is NOT a coincidence that when William and Kate got married they smashed some glasses

Some people maybe aware that this is a distinctly Jewish wedding custom.)

So Kate’s sister,who has inherited a far more Jewish appearance than Kate…is about to get married to ANOTHER JEW…a financial parasite and therefore extremely rich.This chap,that is Pippa Middlesteins intended looks the part…he has a very high grease content.It is not strictly necessary for the Jewess Pippa to marry another Jew because lineage goes through the female.

The wedding is being monitored by Burkes Peerage which is part of the pathetic class system in Britain.It keeps tabs on the marriage of important players…Shell Oil will also be sending an observer to verify the claims about Pippas hubby having a grease content high enough to gain a ranking on Shells internationally recognised Grease Content Scale.

People in Britain need to recognise that the crypto Jewish elite are destroying Britain’s ethnic identity…via mass alien immigration….it is quite deliberate,have no doubt about that….Tony Blair masquerades as a Catholic…he is nothing of the sort…he is a JEW and the architect of an unstoppable flood of alien people into Britain.He is a treacherous criminal…AND he is very well protected by the state….when in fact he should be hung for treason..

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