Creating the right conditions for WW3.

..First lower the standard of living for most people…then bring in millions of alien people into the countries…then create economic chaos….then arm the immigrants…use the media to create hostility toward an already prepared enemy…then light the touch paper and stand back and watch events unfold.

Then create a state of emergency and suspend civil rights….now there are no constraints on the Jewish oligarchy..they can do as they please…The USSR is what happens to ordinary people when that happens…millions die…

Americans who believe the Jew Trump is their saviour are mistaken…having any Jew as a leader is a recipe for more of the same…more chaos more war and more gigantic financial swindles.

Note…should Trump win he will shift the focus on Russia to Iran…The country in the crosshairs of the criminal racist state of Israel….Needless to say Trump is in no danger of assassination…unlike the Kennedys…..There are some photographs of Kennedy at the podium giving a speech…in the background you can see the sinister figure of Lyndon Johnson ….little did Kennedy know that it was already planned for the CRYPTO JEW Johnson to replace him….via assassination.Kennedy number two WOULD HAVE WON THE NEXT PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION…so they killed him too.

The fact that a deranged Palestinian was supposed to have killed him was yet ANOTHER example of how the Jews use such events to benefit Israel…that is the Jews enemy…Palestinians are blamed for killing the American president….total lies of course.

This is why the Jews may use a Muslim terrorist to assassinate Marine le Pen.


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