NZ Moves further toward a police state.

In a democracy like NZ you are supposed to have the right to free speech…supposed to.

But anyone familiar with the bully boy tactics of the NZ POLICE knows full well they do pretty much as they please.

The constraints on their behaviour are in direct proportion to the size of your bank balance.Dot Com ONLY caught them out because he is a multimillionaire….So NZ justice is up for sale.

The NZ Police don’t like me for political reasons…that is their employer,the NZ government does not like me exercising the supposed right to free speech by exposing the blatant corruption at the top….they don’t like ANY criticism of Jews.As the famous French philosopher said…”those you cannot criticise are those who have the power”.

Just recently the police have BEEN HARASSING A GROUP OF LAW ABIDING PENSIONERS DISCUSSING VOLUNTARY EUTHANASIA….there can hardly be a more blatant example of a police state in action.

These criminals are currently targeting me looking for ways to stitch me up…for POLITICAL reasons…and there ain’t nuffink ya can do about it.What could be worse than the police showing up in a doctor’s waiting room…plain clothed police….it was an attempted stitch up.


If NZ had legislation allowing gun ownership like Americans…those pensioners being illegally targeted by the JEWISH controlled police could have legally given the motherfuckers a completely legal Kalashnikov breakfast.

NOTE…The right to free speech,freedom of movement etc…are going to be gradually taken away from the Jewish oligarchy…first sign will be people talking about the police,law abiding people that is…saying “the police shouldn’t be doing that sort of thing”…until you get the sort of thing once found in Argentina….with conspiracy between the oligarch owned media and the police.

Once again it is worth mentioning WHY America’s founders enshrined the right to gun ownership in law…The ultimate guarantee of free speech.

In my own case…If I had been packing one of those beaut Kalashnikovs when I was parked up in the woods…I could have done something about the NZ POLICE AUTHORISED thugs firing off shots at 12 o’clock at night….terrorising me…only I wasn’t.

Always keep in mind that you should not have your attention drawn away from your original objective….

One should take careful note of the NZ Prime Minister…a Zionist financial Jew who surrounds himself with a bodyguard of POLICE THUGS who barge NZERS out of the way when he emerges from the NZ parliament….keep in mind KEY is the FIRST NZ PM to behave in this manner…and it is only going to get worse…..look to the USA to see where this is all going….there the police are gunning down American citizens every day…only a small percentage of whom actually warranted their execution.

Naturally I would flee the country if I had the means to do so…’s that fucking bad!’.

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