NZ zio-media ramps up Halloween publicity

The Jewish TWAT Paul Henry has been pushing Halloween just recently…assuring viewers that Halloween is an innocuous bit of fun…Actually it is not….like the American one dollar note it has a concealed message.No one with an appropriate number of brain cells accepts the U.S. one dollar note at face value.It’s got a whole lot of creepy stuff on it….an unfinished pyramid with an eye over the top over it.For a nation that regards itself as Christian it is surprising that this satanic/masonic garbage is accepted.

But of course Americans have no say in the matter.If the Jewish owned and operated Federal Reserve was shut down…only then would the one dollar have this garbage removed from it..

The increase in the popularity of Halloween coincides with the waning influence of Christianity…and not by chance either.The ascendancy of Catholicism in NZ should not be welcomed by NZers….(The NZ Police is full of Catholics…a good number of whom are Marrano).

Protestantism is being shunted aside…keep in mind the long history of Catholicism…particularly in South America…where the decimation of native people went hand in hand with the theft of billions of dollars worth of gold and silver…all under the cross.

On the other hand Guy Fawkes night has no hidden meaning…who wouldn’t celebrate the odd politician or two being blown up…it would serve as a timely message to the cunts.Zionist Prime Minister Key….Al Qaeda…do summit useful for once…

Now here is a remarkable Halloween day I ran into one of those homosexual Catholic priests who looked remarkably like one of those pumpkin heads…he didn’t have the saw edge teeth…but aside from that,pretty damn similar….he actually looked evil.Don’t try the whistling shit in the supermarket again you degenerate freak.

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