“Sir” Michael Fay…The Catholic Marrano thief.

A lot of the shit I have been experiencing is down to this criminal in a suit.

The author’s of the constant gunfire I experienced while parked in a wood…were CATHOLIC gangsters…The NZ Police being well aware of their identity.It’s all part of the of the Jewish elites hijack of the Catholic religion…not that the lumped thugs at the bottom would have a clue about that.All the recent popes have been crypto Jews,there is ample evidence for that.

BOTH  Fay and Richwhite the criminal masterminds of the greatest theft in NZ history are Marrano’s make no mistake about that.So the attempted murder by truck was carried out at the  behest of FAY!….murderous Catholics showing their true colours…THE FUCKING CRIMINAL HYPOCRITES….

Thou shalt not kill

Thou shalt no worship idols

Let’s face it the only people converting to Catholicism are uneducated virtually illiterate people from the third world and criminals like the CRYPTO JEW Blair…any well informed person would recognise Catholicism as being the embodiment of the anti Christ…The church has simply committed too many crimes in history in the name of Christ to ever be rehabilitated….attempted murder by truck ranking low on their top one hundred serious crimes against humanity….

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