The contradictions of BBC Zio-propaganda

On one hand the BBC produces top quality television particularly wildlife documentaries.Historical documentaries are the best in the English speaking world….

Take for example Michael Woods doco on China….actually produced in cooperation with Chinese and American television companies.The American contribution will no doubt mean stumping up some cash…because American documentaries are simply appalling rubbish.

Michael Woods,a Jew of course,sings the praises of Chinese culture with good reason considering it’s long history.But then the contradictions become apparent….while Woods cannot get enough of China and its culture…The same cannot be said about the BBC’s attitude to British/European culture.In so many ways other branches of the BBC CONSTANTLY ATTACKS BRITISH IDENTITY…The number of times reference to British racism is mentioned is virtually uncountable.The PROMOTION of foreign immigration into Britain is continuous and unceasing.

You get the the picture….THE BRITISH IDENTITY IS BEING UNDERMINED..while promoting other cultures…it is de rigueur for the BBC.

So what you have here is an hostile elite within Britain in the process of destroying Britain’s identity….using the media to do it.ALL ENGLISH SPEAKING WESTERN COUNTRIES ARE FACING THE SAME THREAT…BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL CONTROLLED BY THE JEWS.

While the BBC criticises middle eastern countries…only Israel gets a free ride for its gross violations of human rights.What you get from the BBC is “fake criticism” which studiously avoids mentioning the Huge influence Jews wield in Western countries.Like BOTH candidates at the last British AND French elections being Jews…

One more point…take a close look at a photograph of Queen Victoria…although she was German…she did not look the least bit German….short and dumpy.You can safely assume she was a crypto Jew.Actually the last British monarch who did not look Jewish was Henry VIII!.

So the Jews have been calling the shots since at least the 19th Century.

These fiends are going to destroy Britain…maybe there’s another hundred years worth before the SHTF….but you can be absolutely sure the country is going down the gurgler…. They control all the levers of power making change impossible….when there is a food shortage THAT will be the spark that will fuel revolt…all the unspoken resentment at seeing their country over run by hordes of invaders will come to the fore…traitors like Blair may make it to the airport.

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