MI5..Parkersteen ramps up Russian threat.

Andrew Parker the crypto Jew who runs MI5..has just given “an extremely rare interview for a serving head of MI5”.(Guardian…keep in mind the left is proving to be more of a threat to the elite,than the right…both left and right are ever more sceptical of claims by the likes of the Jew PARKER…The internet is blowing their cover…)

It’s all ballcocks of course…that is Parkersteen is extremely concerned about subversive Russian activity…

He is also concerned about Muslim British terrorists within Britain…From this “concern” you know it is all a massive fucking LIE.

You see if he was really concerned he would say publicly that the British government needs to stop Muslim immigration into Britain.But he does not do this…what he DOES say is MI5 itself needs to be more multicultural!!.

In fact the crypto Jewish elite of which Parker is a member wants MORE AND MORE POWER…ramping up hatred of Russia is just a means to an end..it justifies passing laws that give the state more power…and the cunts in the British parliament will pass the laws…which will,in due course,be deployed against Europeans in Britain…that is the native people who object to being made a minority in their own country…LIKE IN LONDON..WHERE THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE ARE NOT THE NATIVE INHABITANTS OF BRITAIN!!.

Take the new Prime Minster of Britain…she said immigration would be controlled…SHE WAS LYING..infact the British government actively participated in the cover up of the fact that most of the children brought into Britain were actually adults.

You can be very sure that Theresa May,like her husband is a crypto Jew….like the traitor Parker…

Just wait until Parker and his Jew mates start funneling arms into the hands of Muslims in Britain…funded by the likes of the Hungarian Jew Soros….

The Jewish elite even put up their own to run their opposition…like the Jew Farage,like the Jew Wilders in Holland.

Rather than defending Britain…Parker is the enemy within…The Trojan horse which is in the process of destroying Europe via mass alien immigration.

Once the Jew Trump gets into the White House all of a sudden there will be a shift…like in Orwells 1984…Russia will be rehabilitated and their will be a pivot to a whole new enemy…IRAN…which will suit the Jews strategy in the Middle East….if they can allow mass Iranian troop movements into Syrian territory…so much the better…destroying Syria altogether in preparation for the Jews long planned invasion and occupation…which will be accompanied by orchestrated anti-Semitism in Europe to shift Jews into the region.Essentially a replay of ww2…KEEP IN MIND THE NAME OF THE TOP NAZI…ROSENBERG…most people are aware that this is a JEWISH SURNAME.

To say that Parker is a traitor is a massive understatement…

People in Britain should be aware that the Jewish controlled British government is NOT,repeat NOT going to “control immigration”…unless they are FORCED to do so…..it always comes down to force…unfortunately.

In ancient Rome for example..only ONE emperor voluntarily relinquished power and retired to his beachside bungalow.’..Margaret Thatcher had to be FORCED out…she was as mad as a hatter AND a crypto Jew which explains why her electorate was and is ,full of Jews.

Sorry but native Poms are going to have to work out a strategy of regaining their sovereignty…but keep in mind one very important fact…Parker will be watching your every move……



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