Michael Moore in Trumpetland….idiot Americans

Moore is of course…a Jew.He’s the lardbucket who wears the signature baseball cap.

He took it apon himself to have a one man show promoting Hillary Clinton..and the partisan crowd bought every bit of it.

One thing you immediately noticed about the crowd was…they were all upper middle class Americans and MOST of them were JEWS.There was a right old selection of hooked noses amongst ‘m too….a veritable feast of rhinoplasty candidates.No doubt most of the Jews supported Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land too….luckily these same Jews own the American media..so no mention is ever made about the Deir Yassin massacre which these humanitarians in the audience prefer to ignore for obvious reasons…far better to mention white racism in America and persecution of blacks.

Naturally the mobile doughnut Moore fails to mention Hillary Clinton amassing huge wealth while she cares for America’s poor people.

The whole thing was a farce…and it could only have taken place in America.  Perhaps the only thing you could say in favour of Moore…is,you could certainly make a whole range of boutique soaps out of him.

Oh…and what about all the Jewish financial swindlers…they only prosecuted one of them…mainly because he swindled other Jews…otherwise Madoff would have got away with it…these Jews are extremely arrogant,including blubber guts Moore….that goes without saying.

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