NZ’s Jewish controlled media goes into a gushing frenzy

It all concerns a NZ basketball player who has landed a contract in the U.S. amounting to $140,000,000 dollars…

Meantime in the real world millions of Americans,some say 50,000,000 are living in poverty…obviously there is something terribly wrong here.

The rulers of Ancient Rome recognised that to keep their position it was essential to keep the mob happy…which gave rise to the expression “give them bread and circuses”.’That is,keep the mob fed and provide entertainment and their attention will be drawn away from the excesses of the fabulously rich emperors and the gross disparities of wealth..

140 million is worf it Guvnor

Then there is the political dimension…around the world the American government is despised…and the internet has helped the process along by circumventing the control over information that used to happen in the past.Nationals of countries who make it big in American sport have the effect of influencing public opinion  in favour of America.If a giant war kicks off involving America poor people will be the first to die on the frontline..and if they don’t sign up voluntarily..then the draft will FORCE them to fight.The boxer Muhammed Ali recognised all this and refused to go kill Vietnamese.

Unfortunately…The number of poor people who make it big in professional sport is probably near the number of people who win lotteries….

So sports people receiving ridiculous amounts of money is REALLY ALL ABOUT POLITICS….it is to do with the elites grip on power and the retention of it.Keep in mind 140 million is peanuts compared to the wealth held by the criminal elite.

So the media goes into raptures about this circuses part of the bread and circuses….but as been proven time and again…The western media is now filled with scumbags which is why they have come to be known as “presstitutes”…once again grossly inflated salaries are paid to ensure “cooperation”.Most NZers will have by now forgotten the near ONE MILLION DOLLARS paid to a NZ newsreader Judy Bailey…who is a Jew if course.All the top executives are Jews.

In Britain soccer players at the top are paid absurd salaries….what is beyond understanding is WHY soccer fans put themselves under financial hardship in order to pay their season tickets…because multimillionaire Jews who own the club’s ratchet up the price of the tickets????.

Professional sports companies/clubs are MOSTLY OWNED BY JEWS.They even own the sports clothing companies like Adidas and Puma etc.

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