Daily Mail always covers these incidents.

Frayda Jansen and Paul Golding are the two leaders of the Britain First party.

They are BOTH crypto Jews…”The best way to control your opposition is to run it”  so said the crypto Jew Lenin.

It is possible they actually work for MI5.

Jansen was involved in a fracas with a Muslim woman on the streets of London..

This is the usual stuff…concentrating on the symptom of the problem rather than the cause of it…and of course it all leads people up a blind alley and achieves exactly NOTHING.

Muslims are not responsible for flooding Britain with third world immigrants…The politicians are doing that and the leading politicians are ALWAYS JEWS…most of them crypto Jews…and there are A LOT of those in parliament.For example every Minister of Finance…they are ALWAYS JEWS.Then you have little scumbags like Gove and Johnson.And true to form Theresa May is a Jewess just like Cameron,just like Blair…only in the case of Cameron is it easy to establish he is a Jew.The Daily Mail editor is also a Jew.

Logic would suggest that these Britain First members would hold demonstrations outside MPs offices especially those who promote the third world invasion that is now taking place.Put it like this….it is in the interests of the Jews HQ in Jerusalem to ramp up anti Muslim sentiment and there are ALWAYS idiot Muslims who will oblige.

Keep in mind that at some of these “far right” demonstrations in Britain Israeli flags have been unfurled…particularly at the Israeli run English Defence League which is actually the Jews Offence League.

Political parties should demonstrate outside MI5 HQ because these Jewish led gangsters are undermining democracy in Britain…and if this happened the scumbags at the Mail would not be rushing to report it either!!’.Ditto the Jewish edited Guardian.

Turns out…as was easily predicted..The Jewess Theresa May has DONE NOTHING TO STOP THE INVASION….ON THE CONTRARY SHE HAS ACTUALLY ENABLED IT…The Jews won’t stop it until they are FORCED to stop it…and this is where the backup steps in…MI5.. who will target ANYONE who objects to the invasion.It is time for people in Britain to realise that MI5 is the enemy within…don’t be fooled by Parker s seemingly benign appearance…he is a JEWISH cunt.

Note:During world war one…at the head of BOTH the German and British Intelligence agencies …..were JEWS…



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