Zio Prince Harry…The perfect solution

The British Pravda the Daily Mail is having fits over Prince Harry’s new girlfriend…who is of mixed race…The exact “mix”  is the crucial detail though.

But think about it…this relationship is the perfect solution to the multiculturalism of Britain by the Jews….you  know it is all arranged because this new girlfriend is completely different to his previous girlfriends.

What is not mentioned is this new girlfriends partial Jewish ancestry..The Jewish controlled media concentrates on the black part….as you would expect.

A marriage of this nature would serve as an example to the British ‘umble working man…The type that appears on the Jeremy Kyle show (Kyle is a Jew)…these shows are the 21st Century version of bear baiting…for entertainment.The British middle class is still holding out against the invasion though…

Make absolutely no mistake the Windsors are CRYPTO JEWS….

If it’s good enough for the Royal family to marry foreigners…etc.

Jewish lineage always goes through the female line…so the male does not have to be Jewish…although the extreme Jewish racists even object to this.

Obviously the Windsor imposters need to be got rid of and replaced with REAL Christians/Britons.

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