British elite parallels that of Ancient Rome

Unelected judges in Britain have completely derailed the outcome of the brexit referendum….by allowing MPs to vote on leaving the EU.

How is it possible for unelected judges to interfere with such a crucial matter.In fact the same situation is found in the U.S…..which could suggest this is a well planned exercise to “legally” subvert democracy.

One of the judges involved is an out of the closet FUDGEPACKER..The other two will probably have some sort of deviance…you can say that with confidence because the British ruling class is very corrupt indeed.Ted Heath the former PM was an extremely corrupt individual who,it is suggested murdered young boys in care homes.

Obviously Poms need to do something about this….but the corruption may have already made inroads into the armed forces…Keep in mind the recent occasion where a fudgepacker policeman monitoring a demonstration in London stepped out of line and rushed to embrace his future wife in the crowd…another sexual deviant…much to the joy of the BBC reporter…

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