“World press freedom under fhreat” …according to Guardian article.

Naturally the article goes straight for Assad in Syria and not Cretinyahoo in Israel…usual story.

In Turkish journalists risk their lives on a daily basis…thanks to their dictator.Does the Western media describe him as a dictator?…no,not at the moment…why?….The editor’s in western countries have been notified to go easy on him for political reasons.

Today censorship in the West is on a voluntary basis.The Jewish oligarchs who own the newspapers instruct x y or z not to mention a b or c.How else would you account for the “banks too big to fail” getting away with MASSIVE financial crime.

When corruption occurs in the NZ parliament…it is announced that an enquiry will be held…which ALWAYS finds there has been no corruption.It’s all bullshit of course…The fishing industry andthe Immigration Dept are awash with corruption…everyone knows it except the cunts in the media.

Everyone knows the crypto Jew Murray McCully is as bent as a dog’s hind leg…no worries about being thrown out of parliament….which is an invitation for more corruption…

Canadian police are now monitoring journalists computers/ phones….there’s plenty more of that coming in the future as resistance grows to the Jews flooding of Canada with the third world.

Of course police in NZ are monitoring NZers phones…without warrants or any form of authorisation whatsoever…No worries on that score…unless by remote chance they get caught…and they won’t be.The NZ MEDIA GIVE THE POLICE A FREE RIDE…they were slightly censured for harassing a group of law abiding pensioners…BUT NOT ENOUGH TO PREVENT THEM EVER DOING IT AGAIN.

Now here’s an interesting conundrum…actually the MORE crime that is committed in NZ the LESS likely NZers will feel like objecting to police law breaking…because of the threat of violent crime directed at law abiding NZers….

Just wait until the migrant crime begins to skyrocket…The media will try to under report it….

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