Daily Mails jewish editor seizes an opportunity…and reviews NWO film.

A lot or perhaps most movie goers think films “are just made”….of course this is NOT the case at all.Many,but not all films are made with a specific aim of influencing the public.

The film “Siege” was made by the Jews…in connection to Israel…it’s all about creating impressions….

Global Jews Incorporated have seized on a story about an African chieftain who marries a “white girl”..who you could speculate was a crypto.These events actually took place in Botswana.

The Jews particularly like having European blonde women in relationships with Africans/blacks.It is unusual to have male whites engaged in “tutti-frutti” with black foxes.

Anyway the film about these two is the PERFECT vehicle to carry the racial intermarriage message promoted by the Jews…(not between Jews and other races however…a fact which may alert people that there is an agenda afoot)

Global Jews Inc…plan to multiculturalise the whole of the West and since Jews are found in the most powerful positions in those countries…they might get away with it.

Rosamund Pike is in the starting role..and yes,you may have guessed.Pike is a Jewess…

Historical note:The Chinese helped build a railway from Zambia over to Tanzania..around the sixties…as a result there are a fair few Chinese/africans running around.

When the Jews get a stranglehold on China they could produce a love story about a Chinese railway engineer and an African “good time girl”…currently this would not be at all acceptable in China,but then again they don’t have a Trojan horse attacking their racial identity….yet.


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